Don’t surprise

if you see me walk alone don’t surprise
i need to for Dad for get well thing for his life,
I love Khun.Preecha, my father
why did you understand me?
you ask me that, why did I don’t free time for you?, why i didn’t love you? why did I work more?
Then you don’t ask me Why do you want to get marry with me? do you know if you come to me I will sad and to cry because you never love me  but you fee love me becuase I ‘m a good person. but you don’t understand mind what do i thing about that?
Then the pass I never to bee lover for someone  but continue to I will do work more forget someone, something and get well soon , I hope so
Thank you my father Thank you my friends Thank you my mother Thank you KOOK,
Thank you my self to be strong


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